Thank you for visiting What Does Your Dream Mean. Let me guess, you had a dream the other night . . . and it's stuck in your mind. What does it mean? Well . . . you've found the right place! The purpose of this site is to explore your dreams with you, and assist you with this fascinating part of our human experience.

Dreams are a part of life . . . during the day we "daydream" all the time, but because we're awake we are conscious -- or conscientious -- and we can pull ourselves back to "reality," and continue to go about our daily tasks.

At night, dreams still occur. Our mind is always turned "on" and very active. But it's our subconscious that seems to be in control. As a result, many other influences take over and our dreams can shed light on the personal puzzlements that may dominate.

Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers them. This is because we dream during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep the deepest part of our rest. Most vividly recalled dreams occur during REM.

The fact that dreams occur should reassure you that you're not alone. The desire to find out "What Does Your Dream Mean" is something I can help you with.

Have you ever cooked a meal for guests and they'll rant and rave about it! "Compliments to the chef!" But you -- as the chef -- can't taste the meal?

Or, how about wearing your favorite cologne or perfume. You get used to it, and somehow you can't smell the fragrance on yourself any longer.

The same is true of dreams! Although we think we can actually interpret our own dreams, we tend to loose the ability to "see" it clearly. That's because we're familiar with our environment and ourselves.

Having someone assist you in understanding the nuances of a dream is similar to having a coach, not only recognize a hidden talent, but bring it out. Or, having help with that great meal . . . you'll actually be able to savior.

It is my sincere desire to assist you with the hidden meanings that make up your bedtime stories!

Pleasant dreams!
Karla Mink